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Why Millennials?

Live Like a Millennial is addressed to the Boomers who have suddenly found their retirement plans moved to the back burner even if they were looming close before. Boomers are looking at many more years in the workplace with a group of co-workers who are looking more and more like their children and less like their peers.

Growing up in the Sixties, we knew we were cool, hip and with it. We were the Youth Generation and our size made us a formidable demographic. Now we have moved to a new era and while we think we are still that cool person we remember, we increasingly feel out of touch or slightly behind the times. How did this happen to us? What do we need to do to be up-to-date and contemporary? My premise is that we need to live more like our children, the Millennials, born in 1980 or later. They grew up in this time and for them it is natural. It is what they know.

How are the Millennials different? In three major ways they are part of a new way of life.

1) They are up-to-date and comfortable with technology.

2) They live in a global, inclusive community.

3) They thrive on disruptive change—change where what you knew before won’t help you deal with the new situation.

The blog will look at both examples of how Millennials are living these new ways and how Boomers can adapt to do the same. Written primarily by a mother and son team, we invite you to add your comments, thoughts, and personal stories below.  Are you living like a Millennial?


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